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Originally Posted by BadWally View Post
First, thanks Capt Mike for the information. I am older and have always had muscle cars and street rods with carbs. The electronics on new vehicles scare the crap out of me. Even the 1995 LT1 I just rebuilt, I converted to a carb and HEI. Never had any problem with carbs. I have probably rebuilt over 100 Quadrajets and Holleys. But times change... yes I own a few new vehicles, but am skeptical about reliability, My friends new ford Raptor barely got us home when the transmission controller failed at only 8000 miles, but then again my 1997 F250 FI 460 runs fine with no issues. Toyota, no issues. So my LS adventure will probably have a carb conversion, MSD stand alone ignition and a turbo 400 with no electronic controls. . Thanks again for the info.
I understand being scared of the electronics, and also the idea of jumping into something that you're uncomfortable with as compared to stuff that you've used forever with success. BUT.................please take all of this with an open mind................putting a carb on an LS? Well, OK, maybe, I guess - it is well proven that a properly tuned carb will perform as well or minorly better than MOST fuel injection. But running the MSD is just downright crazy silly, unnecessary and a waste of GREEEEAT engineering in favor of some aftermarket that is nowhere near as reliable as the original.

How much is the MSD? Close to $400? You can wire in a Microsquirt and run in full dwell for less than $300 with a junkyard factory harness. The MSD is waaay over priced to run spark only. The Microsquirt can run all of the injection, if you want as well.

A couple of questions - are you aware that the factory truck coils (D585's) are the preferred coils for 1000+HP, even more than IGN1A's until you get over 1500HP. They are readily available in the junkyard (and at part stores if one craps out). Is the MSD stuff available anywhere local to you (I'll guess no)? Have ever been around anyone that can diagnose issues and tune with a computer in moments rather than portions of an hour to hours? If no, then once you see it and are around it, then you'll never go back IMHO.

I was scared as hell of aftermarket FI when I started with it. But after seeing the reliability and ease of tuning it, I will never go back. You can check out my build thread to see what I've cooked up. We've towed that car once, and that was due to Chinesium 321 stainless that SUCKS ALOT It cracked and melted the alternator. Everything else that we run is fuel injected, and boosted of course, has never been towed. 30K+ miles on hotrods and fun little cars and it always gets us home. If you were local, then I'd help you out and I'm sure I'd be able to convince you to leave the carb behind. BTW, where are you located?

Best of luck - JIM
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