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Originally Posted by Bad Rat
This car has been apart for about 12 years now and I found again today some part (the rubber flaps for the inner fenders) that I bought two of! The other was the window "fuzzies". I hope I don't find anything else that I did that with, what a maroon.

Well Brian.. I guess we are both Morons, (or MAROON) is there a differance? I am missing some important pieces for mine,, also ,like the window trim/ weather seal for the doors, that were taken off by the painter,, I can buy replacements ,, but have to buy the whole kit of 8 pcs,, that I only need the 4 outside pieces,, the inside pieces are on the door panels, and the old ones were in perfect condition,, thats the killer,,
Mine has been apart for nearly 6 years,, I tried to keep everything in 1 place and bundled up together,,now like I mentioned in another post,, gonna have to but a new windshield too,,,,
that buick looks like its in pretty good condition,, Calif Car???

wish my neighbor had a orange tree hanging over in my yard,, it would be void of any fruit on that side,,[/QUOTE]

It is amazing how much room a disassembled car takes up! I have a 12x12 shed that has a lot of it taken up by this car, a travel trailer with a few large pieces, a large cabinet in the garage, the rafters in the garage, it is amazing how much room it takes up, and I have TWO of these projects taken apart.
It floored me when I found the second set of inner fender rubbers, I laughed out loud. I know one thing, window "fuzzies" that I had bought two sets of, one of them was JUNK, I mean J-U-N-K JUNK and not even close to being like the old ones. I have to assume that they were miss boxed and really for a coupe or the next year model or post car or something, they SUCK and worthless. The box is marked "65 GM A body convertible" but they are NOT for this car unless they are the worse repro parts ever and I am thinking they are close enough that is exactly what they are, HORRIBLE repro parts. Anyway, being I have two pair I have this little hope in my head that I bought those first and then the others so the second set wasn't a waste. Even the second set needed some rubbing blocks taken off the original and used. But honestly, if all I had were the junk set I would have been pretty frustrated.

Sad part is, they are so bad I can't even sell them because I wouldn't want to do that to someone.

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