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Originally Posted by MARTINSR View Post
I know one thing, a photo shopped photo is a good way to get a little idea of what the mod looks like. But as Harley Earl did, to get it out in the "viewing courtyard" so you can walk around it and really see it as it is must be done for a real understanding of what it will look like.

Obviously it's not always easy. But it can be made possible with simply putting silver tape there or something like that to get an idea. Just like trial fitting parts, sometimes it takes a while of "wasted time" as some feel to get it done. But it is NOT "wasted time," not by a long shot! It is time very well spent!

I will pull my cab outside and look at it from all angles, rotate it, check it out. Did the same thing with the Gran Sport and it's wheel opening mouldings, took photos, a number of them too, with and without the mouldings. But walking around just to get a good look so the best decision is made.

With my brothers Roadster, he did this often, the front tires were changed three times before he drove it for the first time. Changed the height of the headlamps a few times on adjustable mounts before finalizing it.

It makes a big difference to get it out and look at it.


I get your drift. These things I do are just visualization aids, not gospel specs. Theres no substitute for the already done thing to look at from all angles, but when you're only building one, photo edits get a point across. Its a mistake to spend much time on them, they are like flash cards for build ideas. I like choosing from multiple ideas. Not that I have any say in what happens on the Cat but I like to provide options and make folks think. Also enjoy nipping my own goofy notions in the bud before mentioning them. The front end needs some goof time spent... the mods on the rendering don't strike us workers as too whippy.

I'll see if I can't find some shoe store mirrors to hold up there, and give them a try with molding.

Color suggestions anyone? I gravitate to dark pearls and minimal brightwork on everything because it showcases / highlights the work done in clay originally. The root beauty of the sheetmetal is emphasized that way, IMO. The only other color I found that I liked would be a pale turquoise (not unlike whats on the rear rendering) with a gold pearl. I chose rugged amber as a dark red because the glass flakes and dark mass tone would realky pump up the body lines on the Cat.

My GP is how it is because there was no dollars for chroming or replacing weathered or damaged or missing trim. But there was welder and sandpaper and epoxy on a brush. People rave over it everywhere I go and I am ashamed of the condition its in. But it doesn't matter to people. I formulated the color during two weeks of no sun and when sun hit the car, I facepalmed. Purple. People of all ages and walks of life compliment it while Iwonder why. It has a face only a mother could love. So I know there is such thing as happy accidents and if I can stumble onto something hot looking for a customer doing edits, thats great.
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