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While it's not SL rating, instead it's earlier SE/SF rating- this inexpensive oil is the one I used (along with 2 small bottles STP) to break-in the cam on my 406 and it worked fine. I copied this from an earlier thread where I knew I'd posted the info before. Here it is: "The additive you refer to is Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate or ZDDP, and it can still be found in some racing oils and some oil additives in varying concentrations. Many good articles/threads with many links to others on this site. I've found an inexpensive oil at WalMart that is still formulated to SE/SF ASI ratings and contains between 1-5% ZDDP. It's called ACCEL brand and is made by Warren Petroleum Products of Omaha,Ne .
It is specifically stated as being for pre-1989 engines requiring antiwear additive package meeting API sevice standard SE, although the oil is actually rated as SF. STP oil treatment still carries some ZDDP in it as well, and even O'Reilly Auto Parts' private label oil additive is stated as containing ZDDP, although I couldn't personally tell you which of these {other brands} contain them in what amounts. I can tell you that the ACCEL brand oil at WalMart as I have found it, only comes as SAE10W-40 or SAE-30". Perhaps this might suffice for you as well, although as stated it is SE/SF and not SL. -Just tryin' to help.-Jim
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