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1964 chrysler 300 12-31-2018 10:19 AM

Winter car pt2
I love subarus that is my first suggestion for a winter car but i have to by it from a dealer and that would be up in the 20,000$ range for say a sti. I have looked around for honda civics, golf gtis, etc. but the only realistic price is from someone who isnt a car dealer. I really just want a car that can go rally in the snow, to dirt, to whatever comes its way. Everyday i check for a subaru forester xt just incase. Does anyone know of a car with great gas mileage, 4wd, not to pricey, and one where i wont look like a small wiener dude in a big truck?

cerial 12-31-2018 11:05 AM

Try to stay in the same thread if possible.

I would just go with a front wheel drive car. Like a NA 4 cylinder with with a stick and cheap parts like a mazda, nissan, or toyota. Having the stick will let you have some fun with it and being a 4 cylinder makes maintenance much easier then a V6(spark plugs).
You still may fight with some things like a water pump in some applications. But for the most part they are not horrible once you know where all the bolts are kind of deal. Generally you can remove the cv shafts and "slide" the engine/transmission over within the engine bay to do maintenance on the items like timing belt or clutch without the need for a lift or removing the sub frame.

It really depends on your budget. The na thing with a stick will let you run cheap fuel and still have some fun with the thing while going through some deep stuff. I love winter rally racing and in most cases a fwd car will go through a good amount while still being simple mechanically.
As far as the turbo side of it goes that is budget based. A turbo fiesta makes a nice fun car you can do some things with and still go through some snow.

Here is a 99 altima with a NA 2.4 5 speed with 184k that had a new clutch installed before I bought it. I bought it for $300, beat the heck out of for a summer then sold for $400. Lots of low cost 99-05 cars out that are easy to maintain yet still roach the tires on. This is the video I used to sell it.

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