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Hotrodding Basics

This forum is for Basic Hotrodding questions. Engine Swaps, Cooling, Exhaust
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This forum covers primarily Engine Parts and Assembly, Engine Set-up and tune questions.
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Transmission - Rearend

This forum covers all transmission, driveline, and rearend questions.
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Suspension - Brakes - Steering

This forum covers all suspension , brakes and steering questions.
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Body - Exterior

This forum covers all body, exterior, trim questions.
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Ask any interior, parts, pieces and tools of trade questions
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Ask any electrical questions in this forum.
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General Rodding Tech

Use this forum to ask any general rodding tech questions, or tech questions that don't fit in any specific forum.
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Garage - Tools

This forum covers all garage, shop, and tool-related questions.
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General Discussion

Introduce Yourself

Make your first post in this forum!
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Hotrodders' Lounge

This forum is for any non-technical automotive discussion.
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Projects/Builds/My Ride

This forum is to show what you are doing or progress on your ride. Show your stuff. Pictures are highly advised. Not meant as a tech forum, but expect comments from other members.
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Hot Rod Art

This forum is for discussing hot rod art, photography, illustration, and graphic design.
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Hot Rods For Sale or Wanted

Must be auto related. Please include your location, an asking price is suggested.
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Parts For Sale or Wanted

Please, no commercisl advertising. Location and price are strongly suggested
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Ebay, Craigslist etc finds

Interesting private seller ads that you think may interest us.
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Help Wanted

Post here if you're an automotive employer with a new job opening.
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What is it Worth

If you have something you wish to get an opinion on it's worth, post it here.
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Community Help Section

Community Help

Discuss Problems relating to forum . Specific tech questions should go in one of the tech forums.
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Off Topic Section


This forum is for any non-automotive discussion.
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  1. This is for a 350 Chevy in a 77 Vette. It seemed to be running a little rough so I did a cylinder drop test by pulling a plug one at a time from the distributor. Pulling the wire from cylinder #8 didn't affect the idle. So here is where I am chasing the prob down with that cylinder: There was...
  2. Hello, I have a 383 with 10.5 compression, comp cam xr288hr, 1.6 ratio rockers, afr 195s, Edelbrock Q-jet performer manifold, rebuild Q-jet that was done by Quadrajetpower, and a 4 speed. I have the timing at 26 at idle, 36 total and running 10” of vacuum advance connected to a manifold port on...
  3. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I know I have probbly asked this question before, but I am asking again. What is a safe ground clearance with my project that I am running a sbc 350 and 700R4transmission. What is the bare minimum that would be safe?
  4. Hi all, having a heck of a time trying to plumb in my radiator cooler onto my air compressor. I was hoping I could get some help here. My compressor has a 1/2 hard copper pipe that connects from the head of the air tank (pipe OD is 5/8). It uses a 5/8 long compression fitting nut and ferrule to...
  5. Hotrodding Basics
    I have a 383 stroker scat forged steel crank. Eagle h beam rods. Two valve relief flat top pistons speed pro 0.060 over. All edelbrock performer rpm package. 74cc heads air gap intake. Rolling thunder rpm cam biggest they make. 310 duration I think. What should I change? Put a holly double...
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