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This forum is for Basic Hotrodding questions. Engine Swaps, Cooling, Exhaust
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This forum covers primarily Engine Parts and Assembly, Engine Set-up and tune questions.
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Transmission - Rearend

This forum covers all transmission, driveline, and rearend questions.
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Suspension - Brakes - Steering

This forum covers all suspension , brakes and steering questions.
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Body - Exterior

This forum covers all body, exterior, trim questions.
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Ask any interior, parts, pieces and tools of trade questions
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Ask any electrical questions in this forum.
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General Rodding Tech

Use this forum to ask any general rodding tech questions, or tech questions that don't fit in any specific forum.
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Garage - Tools

This forum covers all garage, shop, and tool-related questions.
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General Discussion

Introduce Yourself

Make your first post in this forum!
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Hotrodders' Lounge

This forum is for any non-technical automotive discussion.
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Projects/Builds/My Ride

This forum is to show what you are doing or progress on your ride. Show your stuff. Pictures are highly advised. Not meant as a tech forum, but expect comments from other members.
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Hot Rod Art

This forum is for discussing hot rod art, photography, illustration, and graphic design.
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Hot Rods For Sale or Wanted

Must be auto related. Please include your location, an asking price is suggested.
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Parts For Sale or Wanted

Please, no commercisl advertising. Location and price are strongly suggested
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Ebay, Craigslist etc finds

Interesting private seller ads that you think may interest us.
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Help Wanted

Post here if you're an automotive employer with a new job opening.
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What is it Worth

If you have something you wish to get an opinion on it's worth, post it here.
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Community Help Section

Community Help

Discuss Problems relating to forum . Specific tech questions should go in one of the tech forums.
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This forum is for any non-automotive discussion.
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  1. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I am building a fun build out of a 94 s10. Short version to a long story is I want to mount a 04 Saturn Ion (EPS) rack against the back side of the engine cross member with a custom sway bar above it. But the s10 arms for the steering linkage are in the front. Is it possible to simply...
  2. Hi all! So im working on a junkyard ls build- either 5.3 or 6.0 - probably with 706 heads (i might port them a little).. Probably planning on keeping bottom end stock- Ill be running a carb setup prob with the msd ls kit- 77 camaro, 373 rears, 2004r, 3000k stall, long tube headers (not sure...
  3. Being a Brit, I don't follow his decisions etc, He seems to be a 'marmite' man................people either love or hate him. My question is................what good things has he done during his time in office?
  4. Still waiting on clamps and hangers. Description in video. Was a pain snaking around the rear mounted blazer tank.
  5. Hello, I have a 383 with 10.5 compression, comp cam xr288hr, 1.6 ratio rockers, afr 195s, Edelbrock Q-jet performer manifold, rebuild Q-jet that was done by Quadrajetpower, and a 4 speed. I have the timing at 26 at idle, 36 total and running 10” of vacuum advance connected to a manifold port on...
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