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Automotive Business Affiliations
3 Examples of Commercial Posts
Here are three examples of commercial forum posts. Each example below demonstrates one of the 3 rules for commercial posting on the Hotrodders Bulletin Board.

1. In the first example below, the user "Bob's Exhaust Parts" has posted business contact information in the title and body of his post, in violation of Rule #1. A moderator or administrator will edit the contact information out of his post.

Violating Rule #1

2. In the second example below, the user "" has placed business contact information in his username, location, and custom user title, in violation of Rule #2.

Violating Rule #2

3. In the third example below, the user "Rick's Suspension Parts" has not posted any specific business contact information, but he has aggressively promoted his business, in violation of Rule #3.

Violating Rule #3

For more information, see or 3 rules for commercial posting, or the right way to promote your business on automotive forums.

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