Hotrodders Bulletin Board Guidelines

Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines before posting on the Hotrodders Bulletin Board. For specific guidelines on using the Hotrodders Classifieds, click here.

These guidelines are amended from time to time, so please review them periodically.

General Posting Guidelines
First of all, bear in mind that we've had over 1.4 million different posts on the Hotrodders Bulletin Board. Most common tech questions have already been discussed in great detail. Instead of starting a new discussion with one of these common questions (such as "what carb should I choose", etc.), you'll be expected to look through the old discussions to see what's been covered before. You can use our board search function to look through previous discussions.

Once you've taken the time to search through our previous discussions, and you've verified that your desired subject matter has not been covered before, it's time to compose a post.

Here are some basic posting guidelines:

Board Don'ts
Here's a list of things that are explicitly against the rules. Violating these rules often results in a warning, followed by temporary or permanent removal of posting privileges.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please feel free to post in our Site Suggestions and Help forum.

Nobody expects you to get everything here right on the first try, and everybody screws up from time to time. We thrive on good discussions, and we're relying on you to ask good questions.

It doesn't matter if you've been wrenching on cars for decades, or if you've never done an oil change before. If you demonstrate respect, and show people that you're willing to learn, every door here will be opened for you.


Administrator, Hotrodders Bulletin Board

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