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Hotrodders Bulletin Board Introduction

Welcome to the Hotrodders Bulletin Board. Below is a very basic explanation of the Hotrodders Bulletin Board, intended for new computer users. If you're already familiar with online bulletin boards, you'll want to proceed to our registration page to signup immediately. If not, just read below.

"Bulletin Boards" are places on the internet where people of similar interests gather to have discussions and get answers to their questions. Bulletin boards are also known as discussion boards, message forums, online communities, bbs, or other names -- these all mean the same thing. There are many different kinds of bulletin boards on the internet: bulletin boards for amateur pilots, bulletin boards for pit bull owners, bulletin boards for motorcycle enthusiasts, and many, many more.

The Hotrodders Bulletin Board is for hotrodders: enthusiasts of hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, and custom cars. We are the largest bulletin board of our kind on the internet, with thousands of mechanics, body techs, mechanical engineers, professional car builders, drag racers, and hotrodders from all over the world, of all ages and experience levels.

Bulletin boards work like this: first, you register a username and password (it's free, of course). Then, you can type in your question. Other people will see your question, and they can then type in their answers. Before you know it, tons of people are discussing your question and offering you advice. You can read also read through and reply to any of the questions that other people type in on the board. It's very easy to do -- once you get the hang of it, you'll be posting questions and answers very easily. Then, you can use some of the Hotrodders Bulletin Board's other features -- like a personal photo album where you can store your hotrodding photos, or a project journal where you can document your latest hotrodding project with photos and descriptions.

Of course, like most other bulletin boards, the Hotrodders Bulletin Board has its own set of rules. We have rules about behavior (profanity is not allowed), rules about advertising (company owners are not allowed to advertise their businesses), and rules about asking questions (questions have to be asked in the right category -- no dent repair questions in the Engine category, for example). Without organization and rules, our bulletin board would be like a stadium full of people yelling out hotrodding questions and hoping to get an answer! Of course, everyone screws up occasionally, especially when they're first getting started. We're very forgiving around here -- we all remember what it was like to be a new member of the Hotrodders Bulletin Board. You'll want to take a look at our page of rules -- known as our "Guidelines". To read our "Guidelines", click here.

We've found that many of our members are new to computers, especially some of our older members who didn't grow up during the "Computer Age". If this sounds like you, don't worry. We have plenty of older hotrodders who use the Hotrodders Bulletin Board with only minimal computer knowledge. If you know how to click stuff with your mouse, and you know how to bang on your keyboard to type, then you'll be fine! We've made the Hotrodders Bulletin Board very easy to use, and we have helpful guides for all of the basic functions on the board (like: How do I ask a question on the board?). To see our help section, click here.

That's about all you'll need to know. You can use the links below to continue from here:

Hotrodders Bulletin Board Main Page: Hotrodders Bulletin Board Help: Introduction