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’64 Chevy Nova Wagon Journal - Aug 1, 2006

I guess I should be keeping some sort of record of the Nova and the things I’ve done so far. This will be a basic time line of events and from there I’ll post updates.

I found a white Nova wagon on Craigslist for $3500. The guy lived up in San Francisco. He bought it for his girlfriend whose car got stolen. She apparently didn’t want it so he was selling it.
12/4/04 My wife Lynn and I drove to the guy’s house. There it was sitting in the garage on this narrow cul-de-sac. He backed it out so I could look at it. The car looked nice. I quickly found some rust holes in the usual places for these cars. The car had taken a hit on the nose at one point. The core support had been bent and straightened. The interior looked good, headliner was perfect. Front seat needed upholstering, carpet ok. Stock radio was still in the dash with an older Kenwood deck hiding in the glove box that had to be coaxed to work. Really nothing bad for a 40 year old car.
The car looked like it had just been painted and the engine rebuilt. The engine was a stock 194 6 with a three speed on the column. The block was clean and you could still see a little bit of white overspray in the engine compartment.
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