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1 Step forward, 2 steps back - Aug 25, 2006

Here is something to pay special attention to when replacing lower control arm bushings in these tri-fives. My control arms were shot because the car had no hood on it for about 20 years. I decided to replace with the tubular uppers and aquired some better lowers. I learned a valuable lesson here - don't throw anything away until you have replaced it and it is on the car!!! I took my newly painted lower arms to the machine shop and they pressed in the new bushings for me with the shafts put in as i had seperated them - L and R. Well if you notice, there is a slight difference in the length on both ends. This slight difference means you can have it put in 180 degrees wrong and it will hit on the frame (or not). Luckily, or unluckily I got one right and one wrong. I am taking back to the machine shop today to see if they can undo what they just did and put in some more new bushings. I appreciate the help from RJ on the bullitin board reagarding which one was correct. Almost back on the ground.....
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