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#108-4 ...and the rains came. - Jun 4, 2013

The fourth show this year was up the road about an hour away, sixty miles or so. My friend Fuzzy is a member of the local car club the ''Wheels'' that puts this event on and it draws from a large area. The entries ranged from several high dollar pro built cars down to the likes of mine. Some Queens but lots of drivers as well. The entries totaled well over one hundred again and filled the streets in the middle of town. A special award was given for this their twenty fifth year for the show. Although it is no fault of the club this date, June 1st, seems to draw rain and just as the evening was winding up, time for the award presentations, it let loose. Not expecting an award I headed for home through a down pour which hid the highway, fogged up the windshield, and made me wonder about holding up some where. But I persevered and eventually drove out of the storm and made it home. The only casualty was the electric radiator fan which has evidently acquired a short and needs new connectors, but has probably been acting up for some time as it would account for the strange heat cycles. Hopefully the weather will give us a break as there are shows to attend every weekend this month.
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