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118-14 NSRA Nats - Aug 7, 2013

The last three times I've driven my hot rod to the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville KY I went alone. This time I drove down and back with company, my friend Fuzzy in his '36 Chevy truck and friend Bill with me. The trip didn't seem nearly as long. We tried hard Friday and Saturday to see everything there was to see. There were over ten thousand entries so we may have missed a couple. We were able to spend nights with my youngest son and he rode into the expo center in the back of Fuzzy's truck as we were one too many to fit inside. We all had a great time. This was Bill and Fuzzy's first trip to the Nationals and I think they were impressed, not only by the number of cars but also by the incredible variety of individual efforts. We each had favorite styles and I've posted a couple of mine. The trip down was uneventful and without breakage in spite of the bloodthirsty traffic on I-65 and road surfaces never meant for solid axle hot rods. The return trip was better as we left very early and missed the traffic through Louisville. We enjoyed the company of passing street rods waving and sharing camera shots on I-64, and arrived home safe and damage free. It seemed that even my heating issues worked out as the temp gauge stayed 180-190 the whole trip with no puddles.
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