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1936 Chevy Sedan all steel (little bit of wood left)

replacing manual Mustang II rack for PS, adding Vintage Air Gen II and also found leaks in the radiator so replace that. Hade to remove the front clip to install AC (planned) so went ahead scavenged the parts I needed to also put PS on it. Did not plan on the radiator spitting everywhere. Just 12 yrs old Walker but no body fixes them round here anymore. So Replace it. Everything is so tight inside of the frame and grill shell. I ordered the radiator with suck fan but had to remove it and barely got the original flex fan installed to replace the electric one. Only advantage was the radiator was 4" thick and 2 core vs the walker. It was only 1 1/2" thick. Hopefully thicker is better from what I have read. Had Little nest egg saved up for retirement.... HAD! Figured i might have it finished by Christmas. Fingerers crossed!
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