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1949 Olds -- Last of the glass - Aug 13, 2006

Photo 1 -- Inside of the left door. The blue arrows point to the 2
access panels that had to be removed to get to the 4 screws holding the
bottom of the window frame to the regulator. The green arrows point to
the 2 screws and 1 nut holding the window divider in. The red arrows
point to the screws holding the bottom of the vent glass assembly. There
are also 5 screws coming in from the top, through the edge of the door.

Photo 2 -- The autofocus was a bit off, but just about dead center of
the image you can see the threads of a screw that holds the center
divider to the top of the vent window frame. That sucker was hidden and
didn't show up on the drawing in the Fisher body manual. That was
frustrating because the vent window assembly can't come out with that
screw in place and the divider can't come out with that screw in place
and the door window can't come out with the divider in place.

Photo 3 -- The rear slider windows were easy to get out. Just remove
those 3 big slot-head screws, rip out the vertical seal at the front
edge of the window, slide the window forward, tilt in and lift out.

All of the glass is finally out of the way of sanding. I have lots of
zip-lock bags of screws, piles of trim and assorted stuff that needs to
be moved to storage before I get back to sanding.
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