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1949 Olds -- Pulling engine and trans - Aug 18, 2006

After the frustration of the rust pits in the trunk lid, I couldn't wait
to accomplish at least something, so I worked the wee hours after
midnight to get the engine and transmission out.

Photo 1 -- There is the beast hanging by a 'come-along' (ratchet hoist)
and chain from the framework shown in an earlier journal entry.

There were 2 bolts on each side running through the transmission mounts
into the rear crossmember. The bolts were originally welded to the
transmission mounts. The welds broke on the two on the same side as the
starter. Eventually those two bolts broke, after getting told bad things
about their ancestry. The nuts on the two bolts on the other side came
off as if they had only been put on last week. Two bolts attached the
nose of the engine to the front crossmember. The only problem they
caused was minor; the only access to the nuts is through a large hole in
the underside of the crossmember and it is not centered on those bolts.
A universal joint, socket and extension took care of that.

Photo 2 -- I chose the hole for the ground strap to use as a lifting
point in the front. You can see the severe rearward tilt of the engine
and transmission in this photo.

Photo 3 -- The rear lifting point chosen was where one of the bolts
holds the engine and transmission together. The transmission was a lot
heavier than I expected, hence the severe tilt. You can see the tail of
the transmission resting on the rear crossmember. I had to disconnect
one end of that crossmember to get clearance for the transmission pan to
pass over.
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