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1949 Resto-Rod: Fast Forward 1 year... - Dec 1, 2005

When I started on this car in Sept 04 I thought "Oh I'll have it running by summer and on tour by fall..."

Well here is is Winter 05 and I'm still not even 1/2 way through although a lot of progress has been made.

I'll highlight some of the custom work going into the 49 and of course there is hundreds of megabytes of pictures and further details of the ongoing progress

After the initial tear down the 1st piece of major fab work was fitting the GM454/TH400 and 2 pc drive-shaft from a donor 1975 GM 3/4 ton PU that I bought for 500.00.

My goal was to fit it in the car without any major modifications to the existing sub-frame and unique center-point steering.

Armed with a set of Sanderson Block Hugger Cast Headers, a laser level and lots of measuring the only major alterations were a change to the pitman arm and drag-link assembly and a modification to the rear sub-frame x-member for trans and exhaust clearance plus the addition of the rear transmission x-member to support the TH400 tail-shaft.

I even re-used the original motor mount frame brackets, with new pads and the mounts on the engine are fabricated from the original Hudson front motor mounts on the old Straight 8
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