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1952 chevy pickup - Aug 26, 2006

this is the start of a long project for me. i've wanted a hot rod for a long time so this is a dream come true for me. my plans are a 5" chop, "z" the frame and set it up for airbags, shaved everything, suicide doors. and for now im keeping the 235 i-6 so far i have an offenhauser intake with dual carbs. fenton headers and i'll have a dual exhaust.

well they say the first step is preperation so i spent all of yesterday making space in my side yard for all of the parts. today i got a bunch of parts moved in so i now have the front clip, hood, 4 doors, 4 running boards and other parts. so over the next few weeks i'm just going to be cleaning and priming parts so they don't rust out until i use them.

but today i decided to tackle the spare cab corners. the corners on my cab are rusted out so i am repairing some "less damaged" ones. but i still have an extra cab to use if need be so i'll do these as best as i can and if i don't like them i'll use the others.

the first picture is of what i started with it was seriously mangled and someone bondoed so i ground it down and found all the rust. cut it out and am welding in patches
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