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1952 Chevy Street Rod Truck Build - Jan 21, 2012

I guess the biggest problem I faced during the body rebuild was the old bed. The half ton bed is one piece of metal on both side, end and front. It so hard to get both sides of the metal straight and ding free. I chose to make the outside of the bed as good as possible. I went with a Ford color to paint the truck called REDFIRE. I had looked high and low for someone to come to my shop and paint the truck for me. It's been years since I've painted a vehicle. Finally a young man came to help me wet sand and paint the truck. He had worked off and on for several local body shops and came highly recommended my one owner. I had built a spray booth out off clear plastic with an exhaust fan at the back to removed the vapors. The cab sitting on the chassis was painted one day and cleared. The next day the bed, fenders,and hood were painted and cleared. I decided I would paint all the other small parts as the painter had other jobs to do. He said if I found any thing I didn't like to call him and he would return and fix the problem. At first glance it all looked good but when I went to wet sand and buff the clear there were problems, He didn't paint down low under the cab, fenders. I had to touch them up before I wet sanded and buffed. It wasn't that big of a deal and my painting turned out good. Once all the painting was complete she really looked great. Never get a BIG FAT person to paint for you. I guess the guy just could get down that low??
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