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1984 SS monte carlo build - Dec 11, 2010

I wanted to start this to document my process to help anyone else.

I started with a 1984 SS monte carlo and removed everything from the frame down. All new suspension, engine, rear, exhaust, trans, all that. In the case i leave out any info that youre curious about just ask.

383 Stroker -> custom cam & heads for engine

** a note on oil: im using 10w30 brad penn oil. while i cant claim to understand nearly enough at the moment to properly discuss merits of one oil vs a different one. the man that built the engine and countless others, who has forgot more about cars than 90% of this forum/site together, said it was the way to go. brad penn or theres one other that is 3 times the price but chemically looks the same. anyhow. i trust him.

700R4 -> built by TCI with all shift kits and upgrades available. It still leaks a little and the vacuum valve/screw isnt perfect but damn OD is nice.

drive shaft -> custom built out of aluminum alloy for the cars specs

3.73 posi ford 9" -> part strange and part moser and i love it. good on the highway and for playing in town or light to light both.

all kinda custom. headers off the block to x pipe. patriot metallic with ceramic coating. probably would have been easier to put them on the engine and install both together. especially if your work area is your back yard like mine haha.

flowmaster 40 series (again im pretty sure) mufflers.

*i probably should have just gone with glass packs or something else equally as obnoxious as i wound up with antique tags but at the time of ordering i was looking to go back to regular street tags. happier with antiques anyhow though.
***for the love of anything you find holy use mr earl header gaskets. graphite inserts. they were recommended by a guy doing this for 40 some years and he was dead on.***

Holly 800cfm double feed double pump -> ran an inline fuel pump to keep carb happy pushing 7lbs of pressure. Manual choke is the only down side but with the fuel pump even when its cold its not that bad.

moroso air filter holder
14" round filter
1" (i believe) carb spacer to get everything nice and friendly and so i can run the vacuum lines from there as well.

went ahead and upgraded while i was at it. despite low miles all the speakers were on the way out.

sony head unit, getting ready to replace that as the cd player doesnt work anymore.

3" front speakers mostly cause thats all that fits. forget who made them, i believe the rear are 5x9 and match the front, i kept all stock sizes. didnt want the yahoos doing it drilling and cutting all over my car. 2 10" sub, sony 1000 W amp. custom built box for the cut out in the trunk. i still have trunk space and now the ability to "bump" should i choose.

the suspension over all is a compilation of a little here and a little there. the important thing is that all the parts are polyurethane bushings and that really really helps the handling. new springs, new kyb adjustable height shocks. all of the front suspension pieces are replaced including spindles. i mean everything. hotchkis made alot of the pieces.

switched to disk on the back. only have 2 piston back there now. went ahead and ante'd up for the wilwood 4 piston for the front. not a second of regret in that decision.

*the discussion came about whether replacing the proportioning valve would be necessary. so far = no. just make sure the brakes are bled well, as in all the way, and it brakes ok. if i come across the spare money and time i may do it to simply to put an adjustable in. prob do this while finishing the line lock, which reminds me ...

cant have a muscle car surrounded by a bunch of yuppies in a college town and not have one. sadly i havent had the time to cut the brakes lines yet but thats going to happen in about 2 weeks.

promatic 2. ratchet shift. love it. its a bit tedious to drill all the holes and get it adjusted but its sure fun to hop light to light. downside=it hits my damn center dash in park ... just gotta be careful is all but i offer that as a thought to anyone else following my path. make damn sure there is room for the shifter before buying it and all. in this case looks are deciving.

ugh... santa ive been a good boy, please bring me some new tread. still running stock 15x7's and they dont hold up to the hp/torque im putting out.

anyhow if youve made it this far thanks if not i dont blame you, i think i lost me about 2 paragraphs in.
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