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1988 Suburban TH-700R4 to SM-465 Swap. - Nov 13, 2009

Here it is, Friday the 13th, and I actually got the gumption to go out to the Suburban at about 8:00 pm and look at the pedal assembly that I have in the Suburban and the one I removed from the 1980 truck.

I have some work ahead of me now, I plan on using most of the weekend to swap the bracket assembly out and the other one in.

The necessary part of the 1988 bracket assembly for a clutch pedal just does not exist, but at least I have the part to swap in to make it work. I have worked out there at night and watched the dew fall, and over the weeks I have been piddling with this project I have also been able to watch the dew freeze several times, going out there first thing in the morning with the sun already up and forecast calling for low 60's means there isn't a reason I can think of to NOT go out and get things done.

There is a few minor limiting factors to me being able to work on it all day:
1. I need the only vehicle we regularly use in the mid afternoon to attend an exam session where I volunteered to be one of the examiners.
2. My wife needs taken to work in the mid morning so I can use the car later on.
3. I need to pick my wife up from work in the evening.
I'll just use those times to take a break.

Not a whole lot of work done on the project today, and only 1 picture. I went to the local hardware store and bought a few really good stiff clevis pins for the linkage and modified a few washers to take some slack out of the linkage system, removed the access panel under the steering column for a better view, and removed the HVAC duct under the column for the same reason, then I removed the cutout portion of the floormat the factory perforated, and compared several aspects of the new and old bracket, and pedals- finding that I will also need to relocate the brake pushrod connector to the other hole on the pedal I am swapping in.

Photo 1 is a copy of the previous picture I posted here showing the before shot.

Photo 2 shows the after effects of me cutting out the section of the floormat and indentations a little better.

I am having thoughts of doing my next auto to manual conversion using a hydraulic clutch system, I have found parts available now to swap a hydraulic slave cylinder to a standard manual linkage bellhousing and clutch fork, and believe whole heartedly with my abilities, I can fabricate the bracket needed to make that swap work.
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