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2010 Year in review... - Jan 30, 2011

I know it's a little late, but here's my 2010 year in review. A lot of things have happened since my last entry, but mostly for the good...

1979 Ford Tow Truck - Sold.
You see, the truck was nice, but it really started to be a pain. Would stall out (no fuel for some stupid reason), engine was whipped, and kept blowing hydraulic hoses. And after blowing out a 1" main pressure hose, that was the last straw. That hose was 150.00 and i had to have it custom made. I decided to sell the truck and find something a little more "friendly" for long road trips and something capable of towing a trailer. I bought a 1994 GMC 3/4 ton conversion van. I got it for 400 bucks. Needed some work, rear end gears were going, needed brakes, tune up and exhaust. Body is rusty, but put the work into it and it runs and drives great. This is the new tow/car show vehicle. Just going to use the car hauler when I have to tow something.

73 El Camino - It's in paint. Currently in storage at my buddy Tommy's place. Great guy for letting me store it there over the winter. This way I can work on the 50 pickup.

50 Chevy Pickup - What a project this has turned out to be. Was on an s-10 chassis. Didn't like it, got rid of the works and found an original chassis and drive line. Working on that now. Also found a better cab for the truck.

That's about it....
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