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53 chevy truck - Jan 9, 2012

Hi yall,
here is my 53 chevy truck that I have been working for the last 4 years. I have always done my own maintance on my cars, but this is my first attempt to do something like this. I found a truck in Hot Springs NC in 1987. I have moved it three times, never driven it and listened to enough scorn buy almost everyone to give up, but here I am. I striped the body to the frame and hade it sanblasted, then I painted it. 20 years later I decided to do what others are doing and put it on an s-10frame. Could have bought a kit to do the swap but bought a welder instead.Fast forward several years. Now chevy truck on an s-10 frame. 2"drop spindals, disk brakes all around. Motor will be a 383 chevy, bolted to a t-5 trany ,which will power a firebird posi 308. learning curve has been steep-but a fun trip.
More later
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