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'59 Elky Vintage Air installation 2 - Jan 18, 2011

Photos 1 & 2 show the infamous 'impossible' vent location on the front of the VA box. This thing is an oval vent that aims directly at the bottom edge of the dash. #1 is shot through the glove box hole and #2 is directly up from underneath the dash. As you can see, when the box is located (with that key screw again), this vent is doable. That hose loops easily over the top of the glove box and serves the passenger side vent.

Photo 3 is shot through the radio hole toward the drivers side and shows a nifty place to mount the two power relays supplied in the kit. A 1/4" bolt, lock nut and nut holds both relays on, one on each side of the factory brace, through a factory drilled 5/16" hole.
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