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86 Chevy 1/2 Ton - My other project - Oct 8, 2009

is my Truck! she's my daily driver. a 1986 silverado 1/2 ton. single cab, long box. My grandpa gave it to me 2 years ago after I blew up my mustang during my freshman year if college. It's got a 305 with 700R-4 tranny. Body is in great shape, but paint on hood and fenders is peeling a bit. I drove it into an empty irrigation ditch on new years eve last year, but didn't do any damage until for some dumb reason i tried to back out of the ditch. LOL. my rear bumper didn't like that :) I've got some work to do on it. the number 3 cylinder is not firing from time to time, although it's getting spark. When I pull the boot from the plug while its running, you can hear the spark of course and you cant hear it "skipping" any sparks. I tested the compression on that cylinder and it came out to around 90psi. I haven't checked compression on the other cylinders, but Ive pulled to boots on all of them and #3 is the only one that doesn't seem to effect how well the engine runs when disconnected.
I have a 350 block in my garage that I just put on the engine stand and stripped down. I've been asking billions of questions in the bulletin board to find out what the optimal build will be for my use and I finally have everything lined out the way I want it. the block is from a 1969 Camaro. 2 bolt main, large journal. Here's what I've come up with so far with the help of many on this site.


~350 block. 0.030" over. 9.012" deck height
~L31 Vortec w/ Z28 Valve Springs (0.525" max lift)
~1.5:1 Ratio Stamped Steel GM Rocker Arms
~Edelbrock Vortec Performer RPM Air Gap Intake
~Summit Hypereutectic Flat Top Pistons
~COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Cam and Lifter Kit (includes timing set)
-- Hydraulic Flat Tappet
-- 268/280 Dur
-- .477/.480 Lift
~Hedman Hedders - Street Headers 1 5/8" tube, 3/8" Flange, 3" Collector
~Holley 4160 750cfm Electric Choke Carb
~GM #10105117 head gaskets (.028" thickness)


It should have an estimated 350-400HP, about 400-425 lb/ft torque. I'll be using either a 700R-4 with a 3000RPM Stall, or just a T5 stick. Rear gears will probably be 4.10 with 31x10.5R15 tires. might also give it a 2 or 4" lift and shoot for 33s. I plan on running the exhaust straight out the back to get the best vacuum. mufflers will probably be either smithy's or cherry bomb glasspacks. I'll do a couple of visual mods, like a new grille and maybe a bit more chrome. Wheels will be the stock rally rims, except I will paint the rims gloss black with the stock chrome center caps and beauty rings. the bed will have diamond plate bedrails and tool box, and rhino lining of course. Then I need paint. I'm thinking blue of some sort. I like blue....oh well...I'll figure that out when I get there.

Well, in the meantime, here's a couple of pix of my truck while it was being removed from the ditch i mentioned earlier! haha
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