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AIR to AIR TIG Torch COOLER - Aug 2, 2006

About to mod my new Harbor Freight inverter welder. Since the torch heats up I built this cooler - I considered adding a water cooled torch but I don't TIG enough to justify one.

I like my torch getting some air between welds, water cooled or not. Here is how I made an air-to-air torch cooler. It will cool a water cooled torch as well, the housings still heat up. This unit will make your welding more pleasant, and that makes for higher-quality welds. I need better welds!

I am designing a plug-in foot pedal, gas solenoid, post-weld timer, and an arc starter - all simple to make. This welder would be pretty cool with those mods. I'll post all that to the journal here if anyone wants to see.

I like to draw these things I make in Corel Draw - see the attached JPG. Email me and get a PDF if you want better detail. I also take photos sometimes but drawings get details better and cleaner.

This fall I am moving my shop to what is now a carport, have to enclose that first. I'll get some photos going while I still have my present 2 car garage.

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