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Alley Cat - Design & Fabrication - Mar 24, 2007

At the end of the summer last year, I rushed the front fascia into primer so I could finally get a few miles on the car before the good weather ended. After I tucked it in for the winter, and started looking at the photos I realized where the shape was off, and revised the design over the winter; along with developing a direction for a complementary rear fascia. By summer, the actual car will look like the renderings. The front fascia just needs the lower corners rolled, to complete the 70-ish retro look. I went for a smooth, rolled, and rounded appearance with the rear fascia. I am relying on quad '56 Chevy tail lights to maintain the retro theme; and a billet fuel filler to provide the performance quotient.

I have also resumed fabrication work on the project. I converted a B&M Megashifter to full ratchet action; and designed a custom shifter assembly with a single slot billet gate plate, carbon fiber "boot", billet trim ring and shifter knob. The knob is basically finished, and the gate plate is getting close. The trim ring will be prototyped in wood and cast in aluminum; or cut from my 3D model on a CNC mill - whichever route is most effective.

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