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Around the block - Jun 18, 2008

Got a tag yesterday, and fired it up today.. First time in third gear. Went around the block and down to Darrell's tire store.. Some good, some bad.

The rear wheels are not centered, Darrel is getting a quote on four new wheels. 6's in front, 10's in back

I couldn't get gas into the tank, small miscalculation. The little flapper will have to be defeated.

It overheated while sitting still. I will have to move the radiator back or get an electric fan.

Later. I think my grill shell is limiting the airflow. I needed to modify it to mount the headlights, so i will probably just go naked. Perhaps some expanded metal on the front.

Pix. I got the seats and seat belts in, found some sun visors and an ammeter at the junk yard when i went to get a replacement for the seatbelt anchor.

Got the battery anchored down, bought a 9 foot cable at the welding shop, and hooked that up. Couldn't get a good picture.

The plate.

Drove poor Paul at the parts store nuts, i think i was there five or six times

Oh, the good part? Goes like hell. Sounds tough, looks really silly. All good

And after that messed with the Clutch pedal and hydraulics on the 47. That should work, still undecided if i will put a brake pedal in there before i put it on eBay. I got the emergency brake linkage working from the transmission cross member back, and have a handle and cable from the Nissan frame.

All i want to do is get it so it can be loaded on a trailer. But i might spend the 175 for the under the floor pedal and master cylinder. Depends oh how many guitars i sell.

I want to build an electric car, or more likely a trike next. Wave of the future and all.
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