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At the body shop - Dec 31, 2005

The work at the body shop has gone rather slowely, but the progress has been steady and I am very happy with the results.

The bodyman who is doing the work and I had a long discussion prior to me choosing him to do the work and came to a mutual understanding on each other expectations. Having done some body work and painting myself, I pretty much knew the amount of work that would be needed. His price was was more than fair (neither the highest or the lowest) and the quality of the work is first rate.

One thing that was found was that at one point the car had a partial quarter on the passenger side due to an accident, likely when the car was still pretty new. The repair was done extremely well so at least it didn't have to be redone.

After the car was completly sanded it was also discovered that it was perfectly solid with no rust repair required, which is extremely rare in these rust prone cars.

With the car in the body shop I can also start doing some of the detail work like preping the new dash what will go back in the car.
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