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Back to work! - Jan 31, 2011

Well, after a year or so of looking at my cars parked in the yard and doing nothing about it, I'm finally getting back to work. I moved out of town for school, and since I live in apartment now I've had nowhere to put them. But I've found a nice shop to rent really cheap and now it's time to get em on a trailer and make the small but seemingly long 150 mile trip to bring the girls home. Ive saved up a bit of money from selling parts and other junk I have laying around (plus a little student loan refund money) to pick up some parts.
Since the incident with Gladys (see earlier posts) I've decided to lay the four door project to rest and get on with the 2 door. My grandpa passed a few weeks ago and this car will be completed in his honor.
While her body may be in pain, Gladys still has a engine that runs like a dream. An early 60s 250 inline 6. This was a swap-in done by the previous owner. Now that the 2 door is up here I can get started removing the engine/tranny and get the 230 and 3 speed from the 51 installed.
I also picked up a nice set of ET Slotted Mags (originals from sometime in the 60s or maybe 70s) and a RWL tires for $190 total. Came off a 53 bel air show car, so they have seen little road time. 14's for the front 15's for the back.
I have the rears installed currently, but didnt put the 14s on yet so she wouldnt bottom out going on/off the trailer. Soon as I can get back to the shop I'll get the others put on and post new pix.
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