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Blown BBC Astro Van Mid Engine - Dec 23, 2005

I'm Ron Munson. Owner of [URL=]Marine Assault Custom Engines[/URL] specializing in big CID supercharged engines and [URL=]Moritz Machine Inc.[/URL] a full automotive and industrial machine shop. World famous for the best and fastest top fuel funny car flywheel in the business. Currently powering 5 of the top ten NHRA points champions including #1 Oakley Mopar funny car as well as #2.

Well I've always wanted to build a mid engined something or other to tear up the streets and strip with. Finally decided to go for it. Looked around at many potential candidates and decided on an Astro Van. I liked the 1985 - 1989 models because the rear wheels are in the very back. Traded a 383 short block that I built but was never picked up for this GMC Safari van.

What I have planned is..... A pump gas blown BBC mounted as far back as it will go. A shorty powerglide with a brake. A 9" rearend built up well. A strong roll cage. And wide wheels and tires look like the 70's vans. Oh yea top chopped.

I've included the full engine build up starting on the second page of this journal. To fill in while the body mods are being performed.
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