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Catalina build backstory - Feb 20, 2009

First I needed a gas tank, the one I had was ra rolling's what happened
The Catalina left for the shop two weeks mechanic has been unable to locate a gas tank for her he has ordered three and none of them were the correct part (time for him to switch parts vendors perhaps?) I started a frantic search of the internet for the correct tank only to learn that in '70 most of the Catalinas and Bonnevilles (essentially the same car for that year) were either station wagons or convertibles...both apparently use a different gas tank than the sedans and naturally all the repro tanks are for wagons!! crap!! as a last resort I started browsing for Pontiac parts on ebay and stumbled across a pair of '70 'Cat' fenders that were the same color as mine right here in mass! jackpot! I don't need any fenders but I figure the rest of that car had to be nearby...I was right. I have contacted the owner and I'm going to try to get to his place this week...he has the tank and a bunch of other stuff I want, best of all it's aready off the car and ready to go!
in other news; I got my new seatbelts from AutoLoc this week. they look like good quality parts and shipped very quickly. they should be easy to install. I'll let you know how they work next time I crash!

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