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Diamond T's arrival - May 8, 2008

The Diamond T is setting in the driveway. It's amazing to this Michingan boy how nice western sheetmetal can be. There's a little cancer in the running board filler panels below the cab, but no big deal. Everything else is intact, even the paint on the frame rails.

It was repainted once decades ago, there's old lettering on the door that I may try to expose with some ultra fine paper on a block. I did lightly polish the drivers door and fender, it's going to stay as is. No painting, no rechroming. It's too cool just as it sets.

A neighbor who collects MOPARS has an '89 Cummins and 727 from a pickup I'm going to measure, but I'm fairly certain this won't fit under the 201's stubby hood. Meanwhile, I squirted some ATF in the plug holes, and am letting it set awhile and we'll see if it turn over and start.

Between selling the flatbed off it to another guy who wants to build a trailer to haul his Bobcat on, and selling the massive, 5/8" thick, 12x3 aluminum channel bumpers for scrap, I should have enough to buy steel to build the bed or a set of 'glass repo rear fenders, or both, depending on what scrap aluminum is now!

The dirty little guy with his foot on the running board is me, after buffing our '46 Spartan trailer. Messy work, that.
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