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Divco - fuel line - Mar 7, 2007

Got the truck outta the mud and up on the patio. Although still a tight area to work in I have it up on blocks and I have carpet to lay on when I'm underneath it so I stay much cleaner.

I took the old steel fuel line from the Dodge and straightened in the vice, then rebent it around the upper a frame so it sits outside the frame rail and away from the exhaust. I couldn't route it in one piece so I cut it in the middle (I'll install the fuel filter there) and finished it to the tank.

Uh... I found another 3 wheeler, a Westcoaster Mailster, and dragged it to my buddies shop. It kinda looks like the Divco. I'll have to paint it to match the Divco and make another "Good Humor" ice cream truck out of it.
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