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doors fit! - Oct 1, 2007

Well today was a milestone. I had not tried the rear doors in the frames. First I discovered you need to align the rear tin panel over the bottom frame under the rear doors. This centers this particular panel which has tenons that insert into the bottom of each side frame. This is the trouble with having taken the old wood apart six years ago, I have forgotten a lot. I did buy a 1970s British motorsports book on restoring Morris Minors but the picture quality in the woodworking section is like looking at third hand copies run off on a mimeograph (for those of you who remember those precursors to today's copiers). Anyway the doors sit in the opening with enough room to shim them for mounting and without huge gaps. So another step on the way. By the way, this vehicle is again listed in the classifed section of this website if anyone is interested. I will continue to finish the vehicle while I wait to see it's ultimate fate.
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