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Engine Mock Up - Aug 4, 2011

So it's not a full out mock up, but I got the clutch reassembled and the tranny and engine mated up, so thought I'd stick it in part way and see where the new tranny was gonna' land in relation to the stock crossmember. No motor mounts yet so can't see everything perfectly, but I can get the idea at least. With the tranny mount directly over the stock crossmember, the cooling fan is EXACTLY where the radiator should go, so the engine needs to be slide back about 3 inches. That same 3 inches will get it exactly where it needs to be to connect to the driveshaft also. Just need to make sure the tail housing is mounted high enough to allow the Hurst Mastershift to clear the crossmember. Hopefully I can fab up some sort of trans mount to allow it to bolt to the stock crossmember without having to cut the old one out and installing a whole new one. I should be getting my motor mounts front Langdon's either Saturday or Monday, so once I get the engine position right and get it bolted it in, I can start designed a mount for the tranny.
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