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engine ready to go - May 25, 2008

engine was all assembled and ready to go. then it hit me like ton of bricks.. Why should i leave the car bone stock since it's not the original engine? everybody likes horspower and torque.. right? I contacted a fellow in Wenatchee washington that is building twin turbo kits for misc Buick engines and asked if he thought it was possible to build a kit for my car..I installed the engine in the car and shot a few pics so he could get an idea of what he had to work with.. the verdict is YES.. so the car is going to be headed north to Wenatchee to have him build the kit on the car and then i'll build a different block to handle the increase in hp and torque.

Buick engineers did this with a single draw through turbo in 1965 and made 800 ft lbs of torque...
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