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Engine removed. - May 3, 2011

So I went out to the shop today and spent a couple hours pulling the old 216 and 3 speed out of the car. It's for sale if anyone wants it, but I doubt it's worth enough for someone to want to pay for freight. The engine won't turn over by hand. Not sure on the condition of the tranny. The car was parked for several years before I even acquired it. Casting number on the 216 Inline 6 is 3835497. Casting number on the tranny is 591747. If you're interested in the engine, or parts off of it, just shoot me a PM and make me an offer. I'm not worried about how much it sells for, just want it out of my way!

The goal now is to get the 230 and 3 speed and get it put into the 2 door. So I've gotta get those pulled and then try and fab up some motor mounts onto the 2 door. Should be able to just cut the ones off Gladys and weld em on the 2 door, then figure something out for the tranny, but I'll guess we'll see how things go. More updates to come!
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