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Engines In - Oct 10, 2009

Cole got the chassis and the firewall painted and then installed the engine and transmission. It looks TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!
I'm extremely happy with how this truck is coming along and the results we're getting. I've started getting pretty excited about driving it around, cuz brother it's going to turn heads.. Wee HaH!!!

It's a small block 350. The guy I bought it from said it had 3,000 miles on the crank and bottom end and brand new heads. I bought an electronic distributor from him for it as well. I bought the 350 tranny from a guy that said it was working great when he took it out of the car it was in. An older guy with and affable smile and relaxed way about him. His son was there and we all chatted and I figured, "This guy wouldn't lie to me." I ended up taking to the local transmission shop. The guy there has been building/working on/involved with transmissions for about a hundred years and it took him about fifteen minutes to tell me there was no way that guy was driving anything down the block with that transmission in it. He said the tranny was shot that it would have been slipping all over the place. And I thought, "Wow, that old fart lied to me." But, I have to say, I don't mind paying $1,000 to have the thing rebuilt because I know the guy that did it is good and backs up his work. Here's a couple of shots. Another week and we're gonna be able to start it up.
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