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Fake original equipment - Dec 12, 2005

These valve covers are something I did to make it look like the original. The GMC stamp was cut from the sill plate above the rocker. I am also going to modify the air cleaner to make it look like a L79 chevelle air cleaner, but it will be painted. I used all deep groove pulleys $$$, and the thermostat housing is from a 350 hp 327. The quadrajet, well its was experimental in 1965 but it still looks at home. If anyone has a factory manual choke quadrajet, i'd like to buy it.
The dash got a factory clock, a fake 120 MPH speedo instead of the original 100 MPH and the sun tach will be refaced to look like the stock tach, but it will go to seven grand instead of five grand. The powerglide steering column was converted for turbo 400, and the floor will be re-worked to a low hump; 3 speed/powerglide floor.
I was going to put an AM/FM wonderbar radio in it, but there isn't room, and those are not cheap.
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