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Finishing up - Feb 7, 2012

I'm wrapping up the winter projects. After measuring every way I could think of there was only going to be about an inch of gain in lowering the seat riser. Too much work for too little gain. So the interior was reinstalled, insulation, carpet, and seat back. The overhead panel was touched up and put back in along with a plug for the hole in the dash. There was a thought ticking around to make a drawer in the seat base for all the junk that I kept in a box under the seat cushion. Now if I need the wiper blade there is no need to search for it or the wrench to put it on with. Recycled boards were grooved for a bottom panel and squared up with a drawer front routed, sanded, and painted. The drawer pull is a small piston from a compressor. The finished drawer just sits/moves on a support to keep it level with the cab floor. The seat cushion was replaced and the interior was complete but for the oil pan used for the shifter console. I wanted to wait until I was sure the newly fabbed "stop" didn't interfere with Drive. As it happened this was also a good time to replace the old (also recycled) lights in my garage shop. It's so bright now I can actually see what I'm doing, no more excuses. At any rate the hot rod finally fired up and pulled easily into Drive and drove back in. So the shifter stop at least doesn't prevent getting into gear, now to see if it works as well preventing untimely down shifts. Next up is spring maintenance , changing oil and filters, and cleaning. Also plans are made for the "old guys" to trip to Indy for the World of Wheels show, car stuff to do.
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