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First Project - Oct 25, 2009

About 2 years ago i bought a 1970 c10 shortbed fleet side. All it was was a rolling chasse Brand new black paint job and wheels and tires that was it. All the electrical was stuffed into a box in the bed and was a huge mess. No carpet or seats gauges or anything. About the same time my buddy bought a 69 camero and wanted to take out his sb 350 and his 700r4 trans. So i bought them from him. We thought the motor was stock and just ran pretty good. I pulled off the heads and found a set of pop up pistons. I threw a set of ported aluminum heads with ss oversized valves and a big lunati cam, new lifters rockers push rods. a demoned 750 carb. and then set the motor into place. Man it sounds good!!!!! I have pulled the bed off and scraped the frame and painted it. I put black carpet and some chrome door stills. A covin classic dash with a nice set of gauges. I currently am working on the wiring mess now. Then i'm going to put in a nice bench seat. In the near future i'm going to put a 177 blower in it, shave the door handles and put a fuel cell in the bed and have the hole in the cab filled.
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