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Framework - Jul 26, 2006

Today at work I measured what I needed to make the side brace pieces that angle in back towards the the front of the frame, kinda like the one in the photo of the Anglia below dad found on the internet. They angle back in at 80 degrees which means I have to cut them at a 40 degree angle on the saw but here where it gets kinda tricky the saw will only go down as far as 45 degree so Ope let me in on another neat trick set the saw at 45 and shim the material the other 5 to get the 40, set up a practice piece looks like it should work
After work went over to dads house to take the measurements off of what he cut off of the frame to use on the project Ope's helping him with the BIG ASS TRIKE with the old suburban motor ,cant wait to see that thing finished
Upright pieces are:19 3/8
Horizontal pieces 39 1/2
Cross brace pieces 20 1/16
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