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Fuel lines and parking brake installed - Mar 4, 2013

While my engine is out getting the Dart Iron Eagle top end package installed I have been busy getting the fuel line run from the tank to the fuel filter and then a braided stainless steel ARP line from the filter to the fuel pump.

I have also installed the parking brake system. I refurbished the stock under dash handle and installed a Lokar connector cable to replace the old rod and bell crank set up. The Lokar cable bolts right up to the handle and is a quality piece. Then I ordered new rear cables from Inline Tube here in Michigan; Inline makes stock replacement cables for many cars so I bought the cables that are for the 1974 Firebird 10-bolt rear end that I installed in the 48. Once those were in, then I measured what was needed for the intermediate cable to connect the front and rear cables. Inline Tube sent me the 12" connector, equalizer, and line brackets and that did it! Nice quality stainless steel set up that will hopefully function as intended. Pain in the hiney connecting the parking brake cable to the brake lever because you have to remove the shoes and that's no fun.
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