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Gas cap arrives! - Sep 17, 2009

A while ago, I determined that the A Brothers used the same gas cap on the Deora and the "Topless Charger".
The Topless Charger was turned into the "SuperCharger" in 1969, by George Busti. It was painted orange as well.

Fast forward a few decades.

I read about the SuperCharger being restored by Steven Juliano, who has the ultimate collection of Mopar showcars ever assembled.
I also heard from a former owner of the SuperCharger, Raffi Minasian, that during the restoration, he told Steven where to look to get a new set of gas caps.
So, I theorized that Steven might still have the old gas caps, even though he sold the car a few years ago.
I was correct! I contacted Steven, and he GAVE me one of the SuperCharger gas caps!!!
I am unbelievably grateful to Steven Juliano!! Without his help - and generousity - I'd be faced with trying to come up with an impossible alternative.
Even more unbelievably, Steven has been battling a life-threatening disease, and yet he still managed to track this cap down for me - while getting treatment - and he sent it to me.
All I can say is: THANK YOU STEVEN!!!
And I wish you the best of fortunes in the battles you face!!
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