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Got the 230 out of the '51 - May 6, 2011 the 230 pulled from the '51 now, 3 speed attached. Now I need to get it on an engine stand, get it all cleaned up, and get the chrome dress up stuff put on it. It runs good, so even though it would make sense to rebuild it while it's out of the car, I'm just gonna' pretty it up and stick it in the '52. I got the newer inline six mounts cut out of the '51, just need to get 'em welded into the '52. Once the motor's in it'll be time to see how much it's gonna cost to shorten the driveshaft. The 52 has a torque tube setup in it, and the tranny on the 230 is setup for a regular driveshaft. The problem is the 51 is a 4 door so when I swap the rearend into the 52 I'll need to have the driveshaft shortened!! Hopefully it won't cost too much!
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