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Got the engine in... - Aug 9, 2011

So I got my motor mounts in on Friday, and finally got around to getting them installed yesterday. The engine's all mounted up and everything seems to fit good. The driveshaft was the perfect length, so I don't have to pay anyone to shorten it! The tranny mount hangs over the crossmember about 3 or 4 inches, so I'll build up something to attach it to the crossmember at some point in the near future. Here's a couple pics of the motor and the motor mounts I got from Langdon's. If you're doing this swap, BUY THESE. They are amazing!

As for today, I actually got the engine running. Still need to buy a set of cut to fit wires so the ones on it right now look like crap. Old and WAY too long, came off my 86 Silverado. BUT they work. Oil filter relocation kit is installed. Looks ugly but what the hell. The hoses will be cut short to fit nicely after I install the front clip so I can see where things are going to go. So anyway...runs good, sounds up is fabbing up new throttle and clutch linkages and then getting the master cylinder in and the brakes done.
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