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Gutting interior prepping for wiring - Oct 15, 2007

Haven't updated in a while and been busy with other projects, possibly post them here but we'll wait and see. Finally starting to get back into working on my car after being burned out on it for quite some time.

Prolonging the re-wiring the tail light harness for long enough, decided to get right into it and get started.

Started by gutting the interior out, removing the old tail light harness (since my 40 year old wiring just wasn't holding out causing multiple shorting problems), and while I had the interior out, I wanted to re-paint the floorpans since the paint I used previously was crap to put it simply.

Sanded everything down, welded up some holes that I knew about previously from the owner doing god knows what, cleaned and prepped the area for some black rustoleum paint. I've used this brand before and from personal experience, it is incredibly tough and durable for such a reasonable price. Gave it three coats.

Unfortunately my dumb arse accidently deleted the previous shots of the area before cleaning it all up and wiping it all down, but oh well. I've had a bit of bad luck today, but nothing to get too worked up about. Shots are of the 3 coats applied and my "work area."
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