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Header mods started - Dec 29, 2005

Tonight my friend Scott came over and we started the modifications on the driver side header. The plan is to cut the first tube off, extend it out far enough to run parallel and get past the bend in the second tube, then angle it down to the collector after it is past the steering box. Scott cut a section out of the header with a hacksaw, then used die grinder and fiber wheel to precisely cut the weld away from the lower potion of the tube. That portion will be rotated to a more perpendicular position. I will order a U-Bend from Sanderson to use to reconstruct the tube. In the pictures you can see Scott working with the die grinder inside the collector and the header nearly in place with only the lower portion of the #1 tube keeping it from lining up. The good news is we should be able to get the header built without having to move the motor backwards. Kind of fun and nerve racking to cut up a brand new header! THis really should end up working well.
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