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hoist installation 1 - Dec 5, 2005

I finally got my drywall done (110 sheets!) and the shop fairly clean so I decided to set up my hoist. It is a two poster w/ no overhead X-member.

Setup is a three man job so get some help.

The first two photos show how it came from the factory. The package weighs 1900# and I took delivery at the trucking place. They put it on a car flat bed and I took it off the flat bed with my chain hoist slung over the bare rafters. If you can get the trucker to home deliver, I recommend it! The two ends are held together with a couple of angle iron brackets that need to be unbolted. All the arms and stuff are inside the towers and must be taken out to reduce weight.

Photo 3 shows the motor/pump in a box and most of the heavy parts that were packed inside the towers. My son-in-law is unpacking the hardware kit.
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